You want plans with all the funds, easy to manage and the lowest fees. We’ve got you.


Lowest Fees. All the funds employees want. 99.6% admin handled. That's us.

401ks are often cited as one of the top benefits attracting and retaining talented employees. Yet 401k plans are often cumbersome, expensive, limiting, and require too much admin. Our solution flips that on its head. We can beat almost anyone’s fees. We have all the popular funds your employees want. We handle 99.6% of the admin of the plan! We also integrate it with our benefits admin solutions to automate contributions. In the end you get the best value with almost none of the maintenance.

Top Rated

Our solution is backed by one of our country's oldest financial institutions. Not only is it highly rated in terms of features and low cost, it also has economies of scale that can't be beat.


At Quantum, we're always integrating our solutions with cutting edge tech in order to automate the mundane. This allows you to get back to the work that matters most - growing your business.

Whether starting your first 401k or interested to see how our solution compares to your current offering - reach out!

We offer a no cost evaluation of your current retirement plan in addition to quotes for new plans. Let us see if we can help you!

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